Kabataan, Kultura, ug Kabilin

In my previous post, I mentioned about attending a heritage tour with my classmates. Since I decided to give actual blog writing a try, I figured I’d start with this topic.

Kabataan, Kultura, ug Kabilin (Youth, Culture, and Heritage) is a tour organized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. and the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and History of the University of San Carlos. We had to attend the tour in proper attire, so it was a unique experience going around the city in Filipiniana-inspired costumes. We felt like tourists in our own homeland.

The event was a great way for us to bond together, as evidenced by our attempted picnic at the Archdiocesan Museum and our stopover in Jollibee, a local fast food chain.

The girls pose with some guy who’s supposed to be Dr. Jose Rizal

The National Hero receives a kiss

Our attempted picnic at the Archdiocesan Museum

Eating a snack with feelings

By the end of this walk-a-thon of a tour, our feet were dead tired. Still, we had lots of fun playing dress up, strolling around the city, visiting heritage sites, and of course, bonding. We all added each other on Facebook after this event.

This post won’t be complete without a photo of our history instructor who put us through this whole thing. Here she is:

The history teacher who didn’t come in costume


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