+ Fr. Theodore Murnane, SVD (1930-2012)

Throughout this week, I was having blogger’s block and couldn’t figure out what to post about. Then I remembered the death of a well-known man in our university’s administration a couple of days ago. I figured I’d dedicate this week’s post to him.

Taken outside Buttenbruch Hall, University of San Carlos – Downtown Campus

The University of San Carlos mourns the death of Fr. Theodore Murnane, SVD (pictured on the left). Having served the university for more than forty years, Fr. Ted played a pivotal role in establishing academic linkages with various institutions within and outside the Philippines. He was also instrumental in enhancing the University’s research activities.

Fr. Ted was an academician. He would usually be seen attending academic forums and seminar-workshops that would be held in campus.

His health declined as he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he began to lose weight. He died in the morning of August 29, 2012 at Perpetual Succour Hospital.

Visit this page for more information on Fr. Theodore Murnane, SVD.


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