COEDSO Acquaintance Party

Friend: Heya sort of unemployed person
Me: Hello.. Gotta run in a bit. Have an event shoot later
Friend: What event
Me: Acquaintance party sa college of education…
Friend: So ure here na sa cebu?
Me: Yup
Friend: Acquaintance party?????? Isnt it too late na? Hahahah
Me: I was wondering that too hahaha..

Yes. That’s a real text conversation I had with a friend. And yes, holding a college acquaintance party after midterms is unusual.

That aside, I was dragged by my friend as usual to shoot the University of San Carlos College of Education’s acquaintance party. It’s her last one, so she figured it should be special (read: she should have great pictures there). At least I had something to look forward to upon my return from Legazpi.


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