In the summer of 2012, after a refreshing retreat of sorts in the cool mountains of Cebu, I spent time to ponder on my future in photography. I was then a DSLR owner for two years and wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to push this little hobby further and make it into something big.

Express with Photos was born out of the need for creative expression aimed towards a wider audience. It aimed to provide, through photos, a glimpse of my own experiences in life.

Today, Express with Photos is more than a conduit for self-expression. It is an avenue for promoting the art of capturing moments through photos. It is a showcase of photographs that highlight the beauty and expressions of the people I work with. It is a means by which their stories are told.


Jon Oliver Balili is a photographer based in Cebu, Philippines. He primarily does portraits and event coverage. Although self-taught, he hopes to earn a formal education in photography.

He also earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of San Carlos and is connected with a non-profit, development research organization in Cebu City.



*cover photo by Maria Kay Busgano
**Yashica Mat-124G courtesy of Ronnie Gamboa


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